About Us         

Compared to the big guns in publishing, Lambkin Walters Lavender Publishing is small potatoes and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  We don't have a massive sales force or board of directors.  We don’t sit around in suits in corner offices in a prohibitively expensive professional tower overlooking Lake Erie.  As a matter of fact we can’t even see Lake Erie from where we sit.  And we don't have a formal PR department staffed by fresh faced eager beavers, each hell bent on being the first to convince the big booksellers to carry our titles. 

What we do have are some enormous advantages over the big guns.  We have passion, we have drive, we have vision and we have belief; belief in the fact that bigger is not necessarily better.  Belief that readers want to be in touch with the authors of the books and articles they buy.   

Our vision is to deliver saleable topical and enjoyable content in an acceptable format which may include traditional bound books and the increasingly popular CD e-Book.  Our mission is and always has been to remain in touch with the needs of our reading public.

Lambkin Walters Lavender Publishers
Publishers of Erotic Novels and Short Stories